2017 Faculty

Language and Thinking draws faculty from Bard College
and from institutions throughout the United States and abroad.

Our instructors include scholars and artists from a
wide range of fields who are all trained in the program’s
innovative approach to interdisciplinary inquiry.

Emily Abendroth
Tim Casey
Nicole Caso
Rachel Cavell
JanaLee Cherneski
Stephen Cope
Anna Dolan
Tonya Foster
Carolina Gomez-Montoya
Karen Gover
Donna Ford Grover
Eva Hagberg Fisher
Seth Halvorson
Kythe Heller
Michelle Hoffman
Bethany Ides
Christopher Kondrich
Rachel Kravetz
Amy Loewenhaar-Blauwiess
Andrew McCarron
Kristy McMorris
Jesse Miller
Maika Pollack
Kristin Prevallet
Andrea Quaid
Suzzanne Schulz
Brian Schwartz
Catherine Taylor
Hap Tivey
Robin Tremblay-McGaw
Anna Vitale
Kirin Wachter-Grene
Christopher Wall
Cecelia Watson
David Wolach
Annie Wyman