David Liu

David Liu is a Visiting Scholar at Duke University, where he was also on faculty – and a bumbling, cooking dad of three. Born in Taiwan and having studied, worked in several countries across the world, he has taught and toiled widely in the humanities, arts, media and science studies, crossing geotemporal divides. He likes giving “diascopic” courses on pressing contemporary issues, or those on specific books in the original (lately Boethius, Deleuze, Weil). His main intellectual projects are to construct a transcultural, post-Deleuzian metaphysics, as well as a theory of posthumanist, mediated culture called “curiosity.” Recent writings include essays on “religion,” Deleuze and capitalized affect, and Daoist (me)ontology.  In his imaginary spare time David still makes music, translates philosophic (and) poetic texts (these days Laozi, Dante, Heine), and works on his native Taiwanese as a newly written language in Han characters. More broadly, he is helping folks launch a new college, and conceiving a global institute in Rome. David is always open to (un)learning from and with all he encounters. For him, radical learning and unlearning go hand in hand in living into the vast, intricate texture of things.