Janet Hamel

Janet Hamel (B.A., English, George Mason University (GMU); M.Ed., Special Education, University of Illinois ‒ Chicago; Ph.D., Education Leadership, GMU) has studied leaders’ use of writing as a strategic tool to advance a mission, uphold a vision, influence an audience, and/or inspire change. Her doctoral research focused on how award-winning public school principals thought about, used, and evaluated their on-the-job writing. She served on the University of Maine ‒ Orono’s Institutional Review Board (IRB), reviewing multidisciplinary research proposals involving human subjects to ensure proposals were well planned and ethical, and protected subjects’ rights and welfare. Her current research and writing interests focus on assisting adults with disabilities to grow in independence while enjoying purposeful, relationship-rich, participatory, and happy community lives. As a technical editor/writer she developed and polished training for Federal government clients, but her passion lies in volunteer civic engagement and leadership. She has worked on projects in special education and character/ethics education; led an accessibility team in addressing a building’s physical access barriers; and served as board president of an agency that provides services to adults with disabilities. Teaching experiences include developing and teaching Strategic and Effective Writing for Education Leaders to GMU graduate students, and presenting workshops to school administrators on using writing as a leadership tool. Ongoing interests include nonviolent communication, literacy and hospice volunteering, yoga, hiking, and meditation.