L&T Theme 2018

This year in Language and Thinking we will be working together on a difficult question.
"What needs to be the case for things to be otherwise?"

Throughout our work together in August, we will find this question emerging (and changing) across texts, disciplines, conversations, genres, and art forms. We will read Gertrude Stein on how both war and the arts became otherwise during World War I, and Aristotle on how citizens need to live for cities to be noble. We will hear James Baldwin, Etel Adnan, and Ursula Le Guin make the case for migration and exile, and we will argue about revolutions (and their preludes) with Thomas Kuhn, Edmund Burke, Euripides, Karl Marx, and Layli Long Soldier. Our work will take us to poetry readings, film screenings, dance workshops, and philosophy lectures. We will gather around the jagged rocks of the Parliament of Reality and upon the wooded trails of the Tivoli Bays. We will write about all of this, as well—sometimes alone, sometimes together, and always in conversation.

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