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Language and Thinking draws faculty from Bard College and from institutions throughout the United States and abroad. Our instructors include scholars and artists from a wide range of fields who are all trained in the program’s innovative approach to interdisciplinary inquiry. Learn more about the 2018 L&T Faculty members by clicking on their names below.
Photo for Susan Aberth

Susan Aberth

Photo for Alexis Almeida

Alexis Almeida

Photo for Rashaun Allen

Rashaun Allen

Photo for Tim Casey

Tim Casey

Photo for Nicole Caso

Nicole Caso

Photo for Rajnesh Chakrapani

Rajnesh Chakrapani

Photo for Maria Chaves

Maria Chaves

Photo for Stephen Cope

Stephen Cope

Photo for Anna Dolan

Anna Dolan

Photo for Brittney Edmonds

Brittney Edmonds

Photo for Ursula N. Embola

Ursula N. Embola

Photo for Jennifer Eyl

Jennifer Eyl

Photo for Natalia Fedorova

Natalia Fedorova

Xhosa Frazier 

Photo for April Freely

April Freely

Photo for Carolina Gómez Montoya

Carolina Gómez Montoya

Photo for Karen Gover

Karen Gover

Photo for Seth David Halvorson

Seth David Halvorson

Photo for Kythe Heller

Kythe Heller

Photo for Hilary Kaplan

Hilary Kaplan

Photo for Karen Lepri

Karen Lepri

Photo for Amy Loewenhaar-Blauweiss

Amy Loewenhaar-Blauweiss

Andrew McCarron

Photo for Jesse Miller

Jesse Miller

Photo for Theresa Morris

Theresa Morris

Photo for Gillian Osborne 

Gillian Osborne 

Photo for Christopher Rey Pérez

Christopher Rey Pérez

Photo for Kristin Prevallet

Kristin Prevallet

Photo for Sahar Romani

Sahar Romani

Photo for Andrea Quaid

Andrea Quaid

Photo for Brian Schwartz

Brian Schwartz

Photo for Aya Tanaka

Aya Tanaka

Photo for Hap Tivey

Hap Tivey

Photo for Robin Tremblay-McGaw

Robin Tremblay-McGaw

Photo for Anna Vitale

Anna Vitale

Photo for Kirin Wachter-Grene

Kirin Wachter-Grene

Photo for Christopher Wall

Christopher Wall

Photo for Cecelia Watson

Cecelia Watson

Photo for Annie Wyman

Annie Wyman

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